Nefab will be exhibiting at Breakbulk Americas 2015, which is North America’s largest exhibition of its kind bringing top-tier shippers together with breakbulk and project cargo service providers. This exhibition with help you explore how Nefab Packaging, Inc. can help you with traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics.

This year’s Breakbulk Exhibition will feature well over 350 exhibitors and sponsors that will provide specialized services. They include ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports/terminals, logistics providers, heavy air, export packers, and many more.

This is a great opportunity for us to present and offer our ExPak XL product line. This trade show will serve to illustrate Nefab’s ability to service markets globally. We are very excited to attend the show this year. – Bob Cralle, Site Manager, Los Angeles, CA

The Breakbulk Americas takes place in Houston, TX on October 5-8. Join us for unparalleled education, networking, and business development opportunities. Visit with one of our knowledgeable staff in Booth #1340.

Register and get more information at We have arranged for you to receive a 10% discount on all exhibition and educational options, simply use discount code BAM01.

Breakbulk Image for Nefab Written Blog

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Use the Right Packaging for Transporting Industrial Goods

In today’s global manufacturing environment, industries such as vehicle and aerospace source products from all over the world. When transporting industrial goods, it is extremely important to consider the role packaging plays during transport. With many options available in the marketplace today, choosing a packaging solution that is designed around the product and the industry is key.

In industrial transportation, there are many factors that must be considered when creating Packaging Design Image 2a customized packaging solution. As the leader in reducing costs and optimizing supply chains, Nefab brings efficiency and improvements to vehicle and aerospace supply chain quality.

Our professional packaging strategies begin with the right materials and systems. We offer a wide range of products that are the ideal solutions for protecting high-value, sensitive goods. These solutions include expendable packaging, returnable packaging, and additional solutions for shipping and packaging supplies.

One of our most popular products for vehicle and aerospace transportation is the Nefab ExPak. This nail-less, packaging crate line ranges from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six piece products. Made from plywood and galvanized steel ExPak offers the strength and durability required for all industrial packaging needs in the most demanding conditions.

Our modern packaging solutions are tested and approved to protect contents while meeting the requirements of the transportation industry. Nefab offers customized solutions for the vehicle industry which provide the flexibility in materials, design, and testing to meet the requirements for VMI and JIT deliveries.

The growth of the aerospace industry has also driven the need for effective and efficient Customized Aero Packagingsupply chains. We have developed packaging solutions to benefit aerospace OEMs, sub-suppliers, and MRO providers with precision and innovative designs that compete in a global environment. We have the capabilities to solve unique challenges of supply chain flow with designing customized solutions anywhere in the world.

Nefab’s professional packaging strategies and solutions work to bring efficiency and cost effectiveness to the supply chain. If you are shipping vehicle or aerospace parts across town or around the globe, we have the capabilities to design innovative packaging that is the best choice for your products.

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Consider ExPak–The Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Packaging System

The Nefab ExPak system is a step above any other packaging solution on the market today. We can say that because, as an industrial transport manufacturer, we know what it takes to make customizable packaging with a wide range of options that can withstand today’s challenging supply chain demands.

What sets ExPak apart is that it is a nail less, collapsible solution that combines superior Expak Image 1strength, weight, and volume utilization. Made of plywood and steel, ExPak can be configured to meet any packaging requirement and is perfect for all types of products including light-to-heavy, sensitive, and extremely valuable items.

The packaging system saves money right from the start: it is delivered flat, which saves space and shipping costs and they take up significantly less storage space in your facility than traditional wooden crates. Nail-free assembly of the boxes is quick, easy, and improves workplace safety.

A large selection of stock sizes is readily available with short lead times to meet the varying demands of business. Our prefabricated boxes offer significant cost savings and our engineers have the capabilities and expertise to customize designs and configurations. The materials we use for these boxes is certified as safe for export and meets all international phytosanitary regulations (ISPM #15). Expak Image 2

Numerous closing systems are available for the Nefab ExPak. Choosing the best type of closure depends on how the boxes will be used. Closing systems offered include a standard tongue that is suitable for boxes that do not need to be opened often throughout the supply chain; spring clip and detachable tongue are ideal in applications when packaging needs to be opened and closed several times; and the plastic clip that is easy to assemble and remove and can be used several times.

The Nefab ExPak system offers these key benefits:

• Boxes are strong and durable to protect products against variable transportation Expak Image 3conditions, long-term storage, and climate change
• Stock and custom configurations meet any specification
• Order only what you need, more supplies can be ordered and delivered quickly
• Collapsible design and lightweight materials save money and storage space

The ExPak plywood box packaging solution provides for safe and reliable transportation of products in a cost efficient system. Our proven track record of delivering outstanding global industrial packaging solutions like ExPak, and other options such as export packaging, speak highly for both our intentions and customer needs.

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Safety Packaging in the Telecommunications Industry

Telecom Image

In June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month to raise awareness of what it takes to stay safe. Its main focus is to reduce the leading causes of injury and death at work, while on the road, at home, and in the community.

As a global industrial transport packaging manufacturer, we focus on every aspect of safety each day, both internally with own factories, but also the safety issues faced by our customers. Our packaging solutions must safely and reliably protect the products being transported while minimizing costs and environmental impact; and, as your packaging solutions provider, we offer all you need to compete in today’s global marketplace. Our customized solutions are engineered to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by every industry.

With over 60 years of experience in delivering packaging solutions to the telecom, datacom, and infrastructure/cloud companies, we have a complete understanding of what it takes to keep sensitive equipment protected. From data storage hardware to AXE/NMT equipment, we have developed a wide range of solutions to solve the most challenging packaging and transportation issues.

For the Telecom Industry, we have a dedicated global team that supports the industry across the globe. In this industry specifically, our team has faced many different challenge with global distribution of high value/sensitive electronics. By understanding global Telecom Image 3materials, we engineer and create protective packaging that prevents product damage from shock, vibration, moisture, and ESD—all extremely damaging to high value and sensitive electronics.

Many network infrastructure and mobile communication devices are heavy and expensive, as well as being easily susceptible to damage. The right packaging is required to deliver this equipment safely from the manufacturer to the installation site. With a focus on design, prototyping, and testing, Nefab offers solutions tailored specifically for the telecom and infrastructure industry.

Combining careful use of resources and innovative engineering, our packaging solutions are implemented in the most sustainable, environmentally conscious way. In addition to safely transporting high-tech electronics and equipment, we continue to respect the environment and consider the impact of our products.

For us, safety month isn’t just in June. It is a daily, year-round concern, and a part of our corporate makeup, both for our own manufacturing sites, as well as for our customers. Nefab consistently provides customized packaging solutions for you and your products.

For more information on our packaging products please visit our website:

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Driving the Vehicle Industry to Safer Heights with our Industrial Packaging Solution

Automobile ImageThe automotive industry is undergoing a revival. After decades of losing market share, a resurgence in automobile manufacturing has factories turning out vehicles at a pace not seen for many years. What all this activity means is that there is an increased need for vehicle parts manufacturers to deliver parts to factories in the U.S., Mexico, and around the world.

At Nefab our experts are working with manufacturers, OEMs, and suppliers to provide just the right industrial packaging and crating solutions for any and all types of components. Our expertise in designing and producing cost effective and high quality packaging is unmatched in the industry. In the automotive industry, we have created packaging solutions for engine, engine parts, and crank shafts, among others – providing benefits to our customers including reduced transportation costs and better space utilization . No matter what parts are to be shipped we will create the optimal solution. Our materials include intricate steel packaging , plywood crates that are suitable for exporting, reusable wooden containers, and thermoformed trays. This allows us to offer a wide range of options to customize packaging solutions for the vehicle industry that precisely meets product requirements.

Specialized packaging can be designed for corrosion protection during transport, as well as protecting dangerous goods such as batteries. And, of course, all of our packaging offers outstanding part protecting against damage such as shock and vibrations that could occur in transit.

We also offer a wide range of reusable systems that decrease packaging costs in the long run and significantly reduce material waste. Reusable systems are a convenient solution for packaging and logistics of vehicle parts and components.

We are a one-stop shop for delivering auto components to the place you need them to be. Understanding the requirements of the vehicle industry helps us to know what is required and our experience in handling complex logistics is what makes us the best.

Our success in the vehicle industry comes from a global network that is combined with a local presence to provide packaging solutions for multiple flows such as inbound (sub-supplier to OEM), internal handling, knocked down shipments, and aftermarket. As requirements for VMI and JIT deliveries increase, partnering with Nefab is the ideal solution.

For more information, visit us at

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Why Is Nefab the Best Packaging Solutions Provider? We Help Improve Your Bottom Line

What makes us different from others in the industrial packaging industry? Why should you use our services over our competitors? The answer is simple: When you understand our complete packaging offering, you’ll realize why Nefab is an industry leader that is trusted and relied upon by top-tier global companies.

We have been developing packaging solutions for over 60 years. During that time we have learned how to provide effective and efficient packaging and shipping solutions. What you gain from our years of experience is a solution that reduces packaging costs without sacrificing quality.

In today’s marketplace, reducing costs is a priority. Other packaging companies offer various one-time solutions. At Nefab we offer you a complete A—Z process. (Before a packaging solution is created, we perform an analysis that looks at all the cost aspects involved.) This unique review process analyzes all aspects of the logistics chain – to offer you the best solution possible.

Cost Take Out Image

Packaging analysis and design is the next step in cost reductions. We find savings in packaging that help our customers stay competitive. All options are evaluated and customized to meet the needs of each individual project and our solutions enable customers to standardize packaging so that it is optimized for design, function, and price. Packaging design is the key that impacts all the logistic factors, and in the end, leads to a reduced overall cost for the customer.

With over 60 years in the packaging solutions industry, we are experts in reducing the total cost of logistics, which, in turn, saves time and money. Let us show you how we can help improve your bottom line.

To learn more, contact us at

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Nefab Americas Anticipating 2015

Nefab Americas had a wonderful 2014 with growth in products and services to meet the needs of the expanding global packaging and logistics market. And 2015 promises to be another year filled with exciting developments.

In 2014 we continued our mission for packaging optimization. We worked closely with each customer to determine the best way to reduce total costs and improve the supply chain’s environmental impact.  Our Complete Packaging Solutions service continually takes into account costs, products, and issues to create the most effective packaging and logistics solutions.

By offering in-house additional packaging products, our custonefabmers continued to have one source for all their packaging needs. Multi-materials handling enables us to source and supply inner packaging and accessory products for additional protection during transport. These products include corrosion protection, cushioning, blocking and filling, ESD, and inner fittings.

The demand for our ExPak grew this past year as more companies realized the value in our durable, easy to assemble and disassemble expendable packaging. The ExPak is available in a wide range of sizes but in this past year we noticed a need for larger expendable offerings and got to work on a solution.

In 2015 we will introduce two new products: ExPak XL and CratePak-O. Both of these products accommodate very large components which are a consistent challenge in packaging and shipping. These easy to use systems enable packages to be opened and closed several times throughout the supply chain without affecting performance. We are sure that these two new products will ideally meet the requirements of industries such as Energy, Telecom, and Aerospace.

Even with 50 years of experience we are still innovating and improving. We listen to our customers and are constantly looking for ways to improve total costs and environmental impact. Just as we innovate product designs, we also continue to make internal company improvements. In January we hosted an open house at our new facility in Newark, CA.

We are planning to attend and exhibit at many industry trade shows again this year. Visit with us at ISTA TransPak Forum in April, Breakbulk Americas in October, and PowerGen in December. We will let you know of more details as the shows get closer.

We have seen many changes in the industry and continue as innovators. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are continually striving to make product improvements and additions to fully meet the needs of our customers. As products change, we do too. That’s what makes us leaders in packaging and logistics solutions.

Nefab Americas is looking forward to continuing to serve you in 2015.

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