Use the Right Packaging for Transporting Industrial Goods

In today’s global manufacturing environment, industries such as vehicle and aerospace source products from all over the world. When transporting industrial goods, it is extremely important to consider the role packaging plays during transport. With many options available in the marketplace today, choosing a packaging solution that is designed around the product and the industry is key.

In industrial transportation, there are many factors that must be considered when creating Packaging Design Image 2a customized packaging solution. As the leader in reducing costs and optimizing supply chains, Nefab brings efficiency and improvements to vehicle and aerospace supply chain quality.

Our professional packaging strategies begin with the right materials and systems. We offer a wide range of products that are the ideal solutions for protecting high-value, sensitive goods. These solutions include expendable packaging, returnable packaging, and additional solutions for shipping and packaging supplies.

One of our most popular products for vehicle and aerospace transportation is the Nefab ExPak. This nail-less, packaging crate line ranges from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six piece products. Made from plywood and galvanized steel ExPak offers the strength and durability required for all industrial packaging needs in the most demanding conditions.

Our modern packaging solutions are tested and approved to protect contents while meeting the requirements of the transportation industry. Nefab offers customized solutions for the vehicle industry which provide the flexibility in materials, design, and testing to meet the requirements for VMI and JIT deliveries.

The growth of the aerospace industry has also driven the need for effective and efficient Customized Aero Packagingsupply chains. We have developed packaging solutions to benefit aerospace OEMs, sub-suppliers, and MRO providers with precision and innovative designs that compete in a global environment. We have the capabilities to solve unique challenges of supply chain flow with designing customized solutions anywhere in the world.

Nefab’s professional packaging strategies and solutions work to bring efficiency and cost effectiveness to the supply chain. If you are shipping vehicle or aerospace parts across town or around the globe, we have the capabilities to design innovative packaging that is the best choice for your products.

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