The Nefab Packaging Charity Golf Tournament

Customers and everyone here at Nefab Packaging had a great time at the Nefab Packaging Charity Golf Tournament. Held on October 24 at the Sunol Valley Golf Club, the tournament’s proceeds were donated to a non-profit organization named Camara.

nefabgolf3Camara is a non-profit organization that takes old laptops, cleans them up, refurbishes them, and then installs Windows and other educational software on the computers. The computers are then shipped to schools around the world in order to help disadvantaged students.
The Nefab team is not only donating money, but we are also providing Camara with packaging solutions to make sure theirnefabcheck computers and equipment arrive safe and sound. For years, Camara would send their donations on pallets. To add a layer of safety we created custom ExPak boxes that protect the computers and equipment from the extreme temperature conditions in most container ships, as well as helping prevent theft during the journey to the destination.

The entire Nefab team put a great deal of importance on giving back to the global community. This year’s charity golf tournament was a big success and we believe it is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the people at Camara. Please visit today and see how you can donate and volunteer to help them reach their goal of 2,000,000 digitally literate children by 2020!

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The Importance of STEM Education: Building The Workforce of the Future

American manufacturers continue to add jobs as the economy recovers and demand for their products increases. Thanks to the phenomenon known as “reshoring,” many of them are adding jobs right here in the US instead of in overseas countries like China. But what we need now are students who seek out the knowledge needed to perform these skilled manufacturing jobs. If there’s a “skills gap” and the abilities of workers don’t line up with the needs of the manufacturers, the American manufacturing sector will not continue to grow. That is why promoting STEM education to the next generation of potential manufacturing workers is so important.

More companies, educators, and government agencies are noticing the rising need for workers are well-versed in science, technology, engineering, and math. But are enough students going into these important fields? Some corporate executives, like the chairman and CEO of General Electric, believe that we don’t value these fields enough.[1] As a result, some students lose interest in these subjects way before they enter college. The situation is even worse among women and minority students; Hispanics and African-Americans claim a very small share of degrees in computer science.[2]

Complementing efforts from the federal government (like loans and grants to individual universities), some states like Colorado have their own plans to boost the number of STEM graduates. For example, their initiative would try to increase public support for STEM education and even make efforts to improve it at the elementary school level.[3] If kids gain an interest in these fields early, they may be more encouraged to stick with it. Even NASA is contributing to this important effort with a recent injection of funding for the Virginia Community College System.[4]

If America wants to remain competitive, we need to have a skilled workforce. An increased awareness about the importance of STEM education can help us guide more students towards these essential academic disciplines and ensure that we have talented workers that can keep our manufacturing sector competitive for decades to come.






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See You at PowerGen International in Orlando — Dec. 9-11!


The annual PowerGen Tradeshow in North America (also annually held in Europe and Asia) has simply become a relatively local and timely opportunity for the energy community (producers of power, manufacturers of power generating and power transition equipment, power purchasers, and consumers) to gather for classroom educational events, networking, “peaking”at competitors new offerings, and most of all, to meet with the many, many sub-tier suppliers. Suppliers like Nefab to become more aware of ways to produce and/or present their product(s) more cost effectively or, at one huge event, to seek as many service experts or product providers to help solve their problems, mostly quite complex problems.

However, for some, it is a time and place to rekindle old relationships.  For many more, it is three or four days of tremendous educational opportunities being totally surrounded and overwhelmed by the incredible reach within the Energy Segment.  It is also an event for all those companies who support the three disciplines above to meet the buyers and users of their products and services.

After all, each company presenting and all their staff participating, are also members of the same three disciplines: Producers, Deliverers, or Users.

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Your Source for Innovative Medical Packaging Solutions

The medical and healthcare industries continue to evolve at a rapid pace. An aging population, new technology, and a number of other factors are expected to drive growth, but how do you deliver increasing amounts of sensitive, in-demand equipment to its destination while preventing damage? What you need is advanced and innovative packaging solutions that can meet industry regulations and be adapted to a wide range of international markets. Fortunately, this happens to be our specialty.

Many of our customers manufacture imaging systems, medical diagnostics, and patient monitoring systems. This means that we need to develop packaging solutions for a massive assortment of sensitive (and expensive!) equipment that differ in weight, shape, and size. We can protect your product throughout your entire supply chain. Occasionally you meet a new challenge in this business and you need to innovate. And that’s just what we did recently when one customer needed a new package that reduced damage to its collimators, a component used in CT scanners.

Using another packaging solution, this customer was experiencing around $100,000 in damages per year. These components are heavy and difficult to secure, so we had to see just what was causing the damage and how we could prevent it in the future. We found out that the collimators were being damaged on their 4 support points due to shock and crafted a new solution, the ExPak, a reusable crate that secures and better cushions the product. This new packaging solution is lighter and more sustainable, and it reduces transportation, damage, and labor costs.

Packaging for Medical Equipment & Components As demand for healthcare equipment rises, unique new packaging solutions are going to be needed to ship these sensitive components from point A to point B safely and quickly. Here at Nefab Packaging, we’ll continue to innovate and grow with this rapidly expanding and changing market. If you’re looking for cost-effective medical packaging solutions, your search stops here.

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Manufacturers Celebrate National Safety Month

10257051_10152382587681411_6785214578253649209_nIn our blog, we tend to talk about what’s happening in different industries. From logistics and the supply chain to best packaging practices, we’re never short of information to write about. However, at Nefab, there’s one topic we believe tops them all: safety.

To put it simply, without safety, there’s no reliable supply chain, processes, or products, which hurts our business, our employees, and our customers immensely. This is why we’re excited to talk about our safety and quality practices as we celebrate the upcoming National Safety Month in June.

The official event is put on by the National Safety Council, a non-profit that looks to “save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy,” according to their website. Specifically, for this month they are pushing to bring attention to select issues, and have broken down topics by week:

  • Week 1: Prevent prescription drug abuse
  • Week 2: Stop slips, trips and falls
  • Week 3: Be aware of your surroundings
  • Week 4: Put an end to distracted driving
  • Bonus week: Summer safety

At Nefab, we believe safety is a part of quality, which is why we follow strict standards on a global scale—ranging from country to country—and guarantee the best products and solutions for our customers. Starting with conception all the way to inception, we have plenty of safeguards and tests in place to guarantee nothing sort of the best.

To learn more about National Safety Month, head over to the event’s website, and if you’re interested in learning more about our packaging solutions and high standards, check out our “About Us” page.

(Photo courtesy of the National Safety Council Facebook page.)

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The Most Prominent “Green,” Sustainability Initiatives in the Supply Chain

Earth Day is approaching.

On April 22, more than 1 billion people in 190 countries will “plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more—all on behalf of the environment,” according to We recognize the importance of adding “green” to the world (and supply chain)—so to celebrate the day, we wanted to highlight the sustainability initiatives we’re seeing.

It’s important to note that there are many unseen pieces of the supply chain going “green.” For instance, we’re sure there are plenty of companies switching to recycled paper and encouraging employees to use less fuel and adopt more environmentally friendly trends—but in this case, we’re specifically looking toward how sustainable practices in the supply chain are making an impact.

Take Microsoft, for example. They’ve been using energy-efficient cloud data centers and renewable energy to lessen their environmental impact, according to eWeek, and now, they’re also moving green initiatives into their network of suppliers. Specifically, they’re looking to “reduce the environmental footprint” of the supply chain and devices, and to add to that, they’ve announced new hardware and packaging materials, which have been certified as ISO 14001-compliant.*

Although Microsoft is one of the largest companies to announce they’re embracing sustainability in their supply chain, they’re not alone. Two-thirds of companies have expanded their green actions over the past few years, according to a white paper from Bearing Point. With more than $1.1 trillion invested into the cost of logistics, there is plenty of room for a sustainable focus.

Not only can companies can consider the environmental impact of their decisions, but adopting green tendencies can help increase their competitiveness. The U.S. Environmental Account Project lays out a few tactics for companies to increase their sustainability efforts for success:

  • Convert wastes to by-products
  • Use materials tracking and reporting systems
  • Reduce the use of hazardous materials
  • Cut costs associated with material and scrap losses
  • Create chemical service partnerships to decrease waste of solvents and paints
  • Offer product take back programs to reuse valuable materials

The final bullet point stands out to us at Nefab because we offer returnable packaging solutions. We offer custom-designed and stock products for this application in a variety of materials—wood, laminate, metal, plastic—that can be designed with cushioning and protection.


We believe in reducing waste and making the world a “greener” place, so we do our part to offer these solutions.  We also want to know about your company’s sustainability efforts, so tell us: What are your plans for Earth Day? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at us.


*“The ISO 14000 family addresses various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance,” according to

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What’s New in the Aerospace Industry Supply Chain and Logistics?

There are plenty of headlines on changes surrounding aerospace—from airline mergers to new upgrades in seating, it seems the industry is seeing a revolution from top to bottom. While we’re all excited to see more legroom on planes, it’s important to focus on the big news in aerospace logistics and the supply chain.


For starters, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is making strides to boost the supply chain for the next two decades. It’s no secret that trade volumes are growing throughout Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., but it now seems like manufacturers “treat the continent as one seamless market for research, design, production, and distribution,” according to Brookings.

Big names such as Bombardier are taking advantage of North America’s aerospace supply chain convenience, and it seems like this will only continue to strengthen as new programs and new facilities expand the network. (Examples include the $12 million Air Cargo Logistics Facility and new initiatives to boost the Canada supply chain.)

In addition, companies are also taking steps themselves to boost the supply chain; Airbus just announced record sales for 2013. The company broke industry records by delivering 626 aircraft to 93 customers, which will impact components manufacturers and a variety of other businesses, according to The Business Desk.

An efficient supply chain is critically important in the aerospace industry, which is why Nefab Packaging has supported both commercial and defense aviation companies with their packaging, supply chain, and logistics needs for decades.

Because we understand the importance of an effective supply chain and the health of the industry, we also regularly attend trade shows and other industry events to keep up and network with aviation professionals. In fact, we’re heading to the MRO Americas 2014 trade show April 8-10 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Be sure to visit Booth 1607 at the show and play NEFAB MANIA slots to win great prizes like a bottle of single malt scotch!) We’re looking forward to exploring more thought leadership ideas and innovations within the aviation/aerospace industry in addition to sharing our logistics knowledge. We hope to see you there!

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